The use of combustible residual waste with high calorific value is being adopted to tackle more stringent government regulations in place, and commitment’s to developing low-carbon sources of energy. Subject to stringent analytical testing, items such as paper, wood, and plastics can be used as a feedstock to fuel energy-to-waste plants, A potent practice for sustainable and environmentally viable purposes that diverts certain waste streams from landfill.

Clinty Laboratories can facilitate this testing through the use of our best in class equipment and technical know-how enabling companies that rely heavily on routine analysis of their fuel products, both from production and end-user perspectives, to ensure legal compliance and correct classification of fuel types, testing for the following parameters include but are not limited to:

Gross CV (& Calc of Net CV)
Ash Content
ICP Major Element Oxides
ICP Minor Elements
Sample Preparation
Total Moisture
Analysis Moisture
Particle Size
Biomass Content