Clinty Laboratories provide analysis to a wide variety of industries with all of our in-house testing offering an express turnaround time, from sample reception to report generation, The importance of an express turnaround time on sample analysis for industries is vital, allowing for faster decisions to be made on potentially critical processes.

Please see our list of services below;

Anaerobic Digestion, Digestates and Feedstocks

We have specialist equipment, skills and experience to deliver all requirements for those operating, or...

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At Clinty Laboratories we provide a comprehensive suite of water laboratory analysis, to businesses as...

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We are specialists in proximate analysis for solid fuels such as coal providing highly precise...

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The use of combustible residual waste with high calorific value is being adopted to tackle...

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Soil & Ash

Analysis of dry weight and ash is a vital parameter in the analytical testing for...

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